Different Kinks and Fetishes

What is a kink? We define "kink" as an unusual taste in sexual behavior. This could be anything from a foot fetish to full-on whipping and spanking.

List of Kinks:

1. Roleplay - refers to roleplay scenarios that are commonly used in the bedroom - the kind you get in cliché 70's porn films

2. Lingerie - Men and women are often aroused by outfits related to certain types of professions, such as a sexy nurse or naughty student

3.Strip Tease - anticipation of the reveal coupled with the sexiness of the dancing

4. Fingering - fingers are inserted into the body - usually the anus or vagina of yourself or another person. Be sure to go slow and use lube

5. Oral Sex - blows jobs, pussy licking, 69 - enjoyed by many while making eye contact

6. Filming Yourself - film yourself having sex- just knowing you're being filmed can be a turn-on

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